Statistical Process Control(SPC)

In order to deliver effective and repeatable quality control, many companies choose to use Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, which tracks the data that comes off manufacturing lines and alerts machine operators and plant supervisors to potential problems.

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In manufacturing, Statistical Process Control (often associated with overall equipment effectiveness, or OEE) describes the process of collecting quality control data for statistical analysis. The collection of this data allows manufacturers to identify any quality concerns that need to be addressed before they escalate into expensive problems.

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Statistical process control can be applied to individual components or end-products to ensure they perform within specified parameters. Statistical Process Control (SPC) can also be applied to manufacturing tools and machines themselves to optimize machine output. This helps reduce scrap rates and the number of components that need to be checked and replaced during the maintenance cycle, lowering the chance of machine failure and unscheduled downtime.

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Statistical Process Control (SPC) software facilitates statistical process control by collecting data in real-time and alerting the manufacturer to any results that fall outside the accepted range. This, in turn, helps reduce process variation, improves manufacturing efficiency and lowers overall production costs.

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A properly implemented Statistical Process Control (SPC) solution can bring significant benefits to organizations.

  • Real time SPC application that can be connected to assembly line machines,PLCs to capture data and control production
  • Option to define parameters and Upper/lower limit controls. sampling frequency
  • Industry Standard Cp, Cpk Calculations.
  • Dynamiccally Control the Line Application (Machine, Product, Operator Details).
  • Multi protocol support for data capturing - RS232, TCP, UDP and USB ).
  • Different types of roles for diff types of users( Line Operator, QA team and Admin ).
  • Trend reports for SPC process - Trend Chart, X bar R Chart, Range Chart, Histogram and Cp Cpk are part of the solution).