iVal - Computer System Paperless Validation (CSV) for Pharma and biotech companies!

Computer System Validation (CSV)/ Paperless Validation is the process of ensuring that any technology component (software or hardware) is fulfilling its purpose in line with the regulatory guidelines for a certain industry. It is especially crucial in FDA-regulated industries like biotech and pharma since products from these sectors impact public health and safety. iVal is a user-friendly CSV software for pharma and biotech companies to implement robust CSV process in their organization


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Key features

key features


Life science companies to bring products to market quickly, safely and efficiently by delivering integrated paperless validation lifecycle management software solutions that provide data integrity, consistency, control and transparency across the organization

Standardization; paperless validation requires defined validation processes and activities, which will be enforced by the software solution. This will avoid reinventing the wheel and ensure optimization and efficiency gains.

  • Access anytime, anywhere; the use of a software solution will allow global access, through various kinds of devices. This facilitates teamwork and ensures progress of activities, thereby reducing the cycle time for validation.

  • Elimination of paper; paper as a medium requires continuous activities by personnel related to printing, distribution and storage, and these activities can be eliminated by using a software solution. This will lead to efficiency gains and cost reduction, not to mention the positive environmental impact.

  • Control; paperless validation enables visibility of validation activities and provides management with the required tools to control and improve processes. This leads to efficiency gains and cycle time reduction.