OpenText Exstream Services

OpenText Exstream Services

We offer consulting and services in developing products using OpenText

Exstream and allied products.

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What’s OpenText Exstream ?

OpenText Exstream is an industry preferred Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution that enables the companies to deliver ultra personalized communication to their customers.

OpenText Exstream helps the businesses to have control over content and processes to create consistent and connected customer experiences.

Designed for Omni channel CCM, OpenText Exstream leverages the data and content that already exists within the organization to transform customer communications into highly-personalized, engaging customer experiences on the preferred channel, screen size and device of the customer. With on-premise and cloud deployment options, OpenText Exstream scales to fit the needs of any department or complex enterprise environment.

OpenText Exstream Services About

OpenText Exstream Services

As a boutique service provider in the area of OpenText Exstream products, AdventSys offers the following services to our customers from different industries. Our OpenText Exstream experts help the customers to design and implement end-to-end solutions meeting their business goals and challenges.

OpenText Exstream Services Development

OpenText Exstream Development

With Application development practice, we offer services in the areas of Exstream application development, upgrades from 8.x and 9.x to 16.x, configuration of Command Center Jobs / Delivery Engine, Live Editor, Empower, Content Authoring, and Communication Server.

OpenText Exstream Services Application-Support

OpenText Exstream Application Support

Application Support and Maintenance of OpenText Exstream applications and enhancements to existing applications.

OpenText Exstream Services Migration

Migration to OpenText Exstream

We offer migration of legacy applications to the OpenText Exstream ecosystem and enable the organizations to remain competitive and relevant as the world becomes increasingly digital. For example, we helped our customers to migrate from legacy applications such as  CutePDF and Calligo to Exstream.

OpenText Exstream Services Integration

OpenText Exstream Integration with other applications

Exstream can be integrated with data and content from any third party applications including ERP, CRM, BI tools such as SAP and Salesforce. We have good experience in integrating Exstream with third party applications and enable the organizations to deliver ultra-personalized, relevant communications delivered in customer's preferred channels.

OpenText Exstream Services Cloud

OpenText Exstream to Cloud

Extreme applications can be ported to cloud environments. We offer migration services to customer's on-premise applications to the cloud environments including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

OpenText Exstream Services Consultancy

OpenText Exstream Consultancy

We offer consulting services to the customers on design & implementation of OpenText Exstream applications. With our experts who are experienced in implementing many critical & large applications across the globe, we can provide the best in the industry kind of consulting services to our customers.

Customer Success Stories

OpenText Exstream Services Insurance-Company

Ultra personalised Communication for an insurance company

Modernize existing documents, letters and templates to the CCM platform which will be scalable and flexible to meet the changing business needs.

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OpenText Exstream Services Digital-Services

Digital Services to a leading bank with OpenText Exstream

A fastest growing bank has chosen AdventSys as their partner to implement bank statement generation through OpenText Exstream CCM .

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OpenText Exstream Services Bundle-Communication

Bundled Communication solution for a Credit Card issuer

A fast-growing bank wants to replace a current credit statement generation applications with OpenText Exstream CCM solution.

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OpenText Exstream Services in-CCM

CCM Legacy Modernization

Award-winning insurance company in New York provides first-class insurance for home, auto, and business via local, trusted and independent agents decided to optimize their customer.

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