Customer Communications Management (CCM)

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The business-centric customer communication strategies are proving to be a game changer in the market and there is a need for a competent system that can support shorter concept to implementation. CCM systems are helping the customers to achieve this goal and also enable the customer to multi-channel communication (Print, Email, SMS) compared to a traditional legacy model where it supports only print communication.

What is Customer Communication Management ?

In the digital age (thanks to smartphones), consumer expectations are higher than ever before. All relevant communications are being personalized in a choice of channel demanded and accessible in real time. Companies move from printed documents to engaging customer communication across all channels available in digital communication. By delivering personalized communications in the channels preferred by your customers and designing with future digitization in scope, you can turn your customer communications into a differentiator.

Clearly, it is no easy feat for highly regulated corporations such as legal, IT, marketing, banking, and insurance to fit-friendly into regulatory-required messages. Numerous challenges faced with historical data in legacy systems, organizational silos, frequent regulation change, and inadequate system support.

Your communications should be tractable, detailed, contained and use clear and concise language. Attaining the solution requires integrating apt content with CCM software and the business operation that intersect with customer touchpoints.

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The architecture of any traditional or digital communication is decisive and can either drive the desired attitude, extra credit or allegiance if done well. On other hands, it can sabotage consumers involvement and formulate extravagant call center analysis. As far as best practices, five key things to consider when designing any communication are

A properly implemented CCM solution can bring significant benefits to organizations.

  • Multi-channel campaigns consistency and clarity.
  • Automation of highly personalized communications
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Enabling responsive and agile marketing for better up-selling and cross-selling
  • Reduction of on-going IT costs and administrative efforts

OpenText Exstream Competency

  • Efficient in Design Manager, Designer, Live Editor, Empower, Content Author, Communication server and Command Center.
  • Proficiency in handling Pages, Documents and Applications for Maintenance and Development assignments.
  • Well informed about Input file handling – data files; Driver files, Reference files, Report files and Section based files.
  • Extensive knowledge about variables and data mapping.
  • In-depth knowledge about handling page components; text boxes, tables, flow frames, logos, pictures, shapes, colors, relative positioning, headers, flow headers.
  • Efficient skill in Coding and interpreting Rules & Formulas.
  • Should have good knowledge about Output file format handling – AFP and PDF.
  • Proficient in using Exstream Viewer as an efficient medium for quick validations.
  • Ability to switch Exstream workflow and Approval Process.
  • Well versed with the Interface between Exstream and Linux environment and the corresponding file transfer method for Data, PUB, PDF files.
  • Efficient in running Exstream engines via Windows, UNIX and Linux.

Hands on Experience in the below Exstream modules:

  • Dynamic content import
  • Dynamic Data Access
  • eDrivers and pDrivers
  • Advanced Tables
  • High-Volume Delivery
  • Output sorting and bundling
  • Application consolidation
  • Multi-Channel XML output
  • Email delivery
  • Two pass processing
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