Banking, Finance and Insurance


The banking and financial market is ever changing. The providers introducing a new line of products and regulators come with new changes to the regulations to keep the market healthy and competitive. We understand the requirements of our customers and aid them to implement regulatory requirements and support the new product launches and customizations to keep their business grow and meet regulatory requirements.

Engage the customer in a better way!

Our CCM practice has the expertise to develop various customer engagement solutions. We helped our banking customers to establish different communication channels (Print, E-mail, and SMS) for effective customer engagement. We have developed bank statements and other letter communications mechanisms for the banks. The solutions we offer are efficient/modern and in line with the today′s banking requirements.


We understand the mortgage business and able to develop new IT solutions or support existing application platforms. We have experience in supporting home loan mortgage area and other loan products such as auto loans.


We provide support general insurance line of solutions ‐ new product launches, supporting legacy systems and adopting regulatory changes. The customer can introduce new changes to their applications with reduced costs and realise their IT investment in no time.