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Sharepoint online with Docusign Integration for a legal firm


The existing system was having the empty word template and based on the user input through forms, the required data will have to be populated in these templates and saved against a customer name. Doing this task for each form data was tedious, time consuming and at times fruitless.

The next challenge was to maintain all the documents related to a customer in a one folder in document library, so that it will be easy to get the files related to each contract and customer in a single location.

Another challenge was that, there was no option of digital signature in the existing method. We had to integrate an app named DocuSign to sign the documents digitally and store it in repository.

Sharepoint Integration


To achieve the above challenges, the following solution was proposed and implemented.

  • The Form data entered by user are maintained in a share point list.
  • To get the required final template based on the form input from the customer we have used MS-Flow, which is designed so as to populate appropriate template from One Drive.
  • For saving the data in sub folder of the Document library we have used the naming convention where it contains Customer Name and Date-Time stamp, so that there won’t be any conflict in file naming.
  • The schedule files are also copied to this sub folder based on selection in form
  • Once the document is negotiated and approved by the client associate, the file will be available for digital signature.
  • To achieve the digital signature, we have integrated the app called DocuSign which has predefined place holders for initial and signature. One good thing about this app is that ,If the user doesn’t have the app installed on their device, they can still open the document and sign them
  • The signed copies of document are stored in same sub folder as rest of the files making it easy to refer all the files in same location


  • Microsoft Office 365
    • Forms
    • Power Automate
    • One drive
    • Share point online
    • Outlook
  • Engagement
    • Design, architecture and implementation
  • Integration
    • Docusign

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