Manufacturing Traceability Solutions

Manufacturing Traceability Solutions

Traceability solution

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Traceability solution in the manufacturing enables the traceability of manufactured items from assembly lines to the dispatch. In today’s world, traceability solution is an important to any manufacturing company to help on many occasions including product recalls, warranty claims where complete history of production should be known.

Our traceability solution provides both forward and backward traceability so that complete visibility manufactured item can be seen from initial level of manufacturing to the customer. Our solution offers to track every part or raw material and product throughout the manufacturing cycle, from raw materials entry to the dispatch. The details of each part and product, including assembly details, quality control and time spent at each assembly station, is recorded from end-to-end.

AdventSys's understanding on traceability comes from developing comprehensive solutions for leading manufacturing companies. With our experience, we can offer industry best end-to-end supply chain traceability solution for your manufacturing units.

Our experience in Automatic Identification & Data Capturing (AIDC) would greatly help in designing an effective solution which would gather information from data points from right from raw material entry to the product dispatch to the customers.

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Key Takeaways from our solution:


Quality Control & Inspection:Traceability along the entire assembly line in the shop-floor can help to key data points from the quality control & inspection activities. It increases accountability and engagement on the shop-floor.


Data Integration:The trackability solutions can interacted with other systems such as SAP ERP and other third-party applications can be made.

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MIS Reporting:Detailed reporting with extensive search criteria for product information such as customer invoice, PO#, Product Serial numbers, packing slip numbers and other key data as required by the customer.

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Real time data:Using barcodes and scanners, the parts and products can easily be tracked at every assembly point in the shop-floor. The data points from assembly lines, warehouse and dispatch locations are captured for traceability, performance analysis, and reporting. The handshake/data synchronization methods via TCP/IP, UDP serial ports, and legacy protocols are used to interface PLCs, and other industrial machines to monitor & control and receive data. In addition to that, as part of Industry 4.0 (“Smart Manufacturing”) movement, the manufacturing units can use IIoT / RFIDs to track product locations and take the stock of inventories.

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