Cloud Services



Current software impelled transformations and business models are increasingly empowered by cloud technologies and platforms. Through our offerings and solutions, our customers can exploit the potential of cloud from migrating their products to operating and managing their business on multiple clouds...

On-Premises to Cloud

More and more customers are moving their on-premises data center infrastructure to cloud to minimize downtime and save capital & operational costs. We have helped few of our customers to move their on-premises application infrastructure to cloud platforms without any interruption to the business.

Cloud for Digital Transformation

The companies that embrace digital transformation for their growth and explore untapped market segments are increasingly preferred mobility solutions. Ever growing mobile usage is transforming how companies work internally and transact business with their customers and partners. Cloud-based infrastructure is a way forward to meet up increasing demand for storage and computing power, cost-efficient and always-on & on-demand solutions.

AdventSys has required expertise and capability in delivering digital and mobile applications with full back-end & third-party API integrations to the customers on cloud environments. We provide solutions that guide you from Mobile Opportunity to competitive advantage while leveraging the Cloud to maximize scalability and availability.

Cloud for Testing Platform

We can design and deploy your testing infrastructure and integrate with application development environments. We manage end-to-end continuous integration life cycle with DevOps tools in the cloud environment.